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Yes.... More EVA next year...

Yes.... More EVA next year...



 I was thinking of what to write about for my first post. I thought it’d be nice to recollect she stuff that led to me writhing writing here.



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Tsk… I didn’t write too much today… Bah.  I was busy watching Ga-Rei Zero and it IS awesome. (more…)

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The Vampire Knight anime waas one of my most anticipated series last season.  Maybe it is because I’m a big manga fan, I did not watch it after erm… episode 3… or was it 2?? maybe after 1. (more…)

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Yo! Nothing to say actually, just trying out my new blog. Here’s to hoping it’ll last! I think I’ll go reviewing stuff. That is if I do not get attacked by the Lazy!virus. First post so some facts about me:

Normal Geek.

I tear apart my pc to see where my other hardrive went after it crashed. Hopefully I can make it work or at least revive it.

I love yoghurt, my mum,my bike, and my VK collection.

Loves anime and manga.

I drive my mum and uncles motorcycles secretly.

Can’t carry a tune but loves music. (and I play too!!!)

i’ve been drawing since pres-chool but still needs improvement.

also a tvjunkie.


techology lover…tsk..

ps… no flaming!!!

Let’s end with this!!~~





It would have rocked. It did. It was good while it lasted. ja!!!

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