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After being dragged back to hell prison blackhole school, which I love btw, I have been very busy… Nijiro even started his internshi..T.. something. I suddenlt realized I need to get serious. OMFG. O levels next year for this humble….er….rrrr….errr… worm. 

I seriously got a pretty good class….  got to go now…


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Yes.... More EVA next year...

Yes.... More EVA next year...



 I was thinking of what to write about for my first post. I thought it’d be nice to recollect she stuff that led to me writhing writing here.


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In a ,surprisingly, good…erm no… GREAT…no…. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM! way.

These past 3 days, I’ve been watching TTGL and it is awesome!!!! Kinda late, but you know that better something saying.

After poring through the eps, from Kamina, to Yoko(!!!), Lerron, Kittan, Nia(!!!!) even to the Anti-Spiral King and Nia’s caretaker; COCO-jiisan. Everyone was memorable.

I haven’t been this sad since I finished Amber Spyglass.  I’m feeling rather… teary….






Seems impossible to ask for a sequel. Oh wel… More later. It was great.

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The Vampire Knight anime waas one of my most anticipated series last season.  Maybe it is because I’m a big manga fan, I did not watch it after erm… episode 3… or was it 2?? maybe after 1. (more…)

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Yo! Nothing to say actually, just trying out my new blog. Here’s to hoping it’ll last! I think I’ll go reviewing stuff. That is if I do not get attacked by the Lazy!virus. First post so some facts about me:

Normal Geek.

I tear apart my pc to see where my other hardrive went after it crashed. Hopefully I can make it work or at least revive it.

I love yoghurt, my mum,my bike, and my VK collection.

Loves anime and manga.

I drive my mum and uncles motorcycles secretly.

Can’t carry a tune but loves music. (and I play too!!!)

i’ve been drawing since pres-chool but still needs improvement.

also a tvjunkie.


techology lover…tsk..

ps… no flaming!!!

Let’s end with this!!~~





It would have rocked. It did. It was good while it lasted. ja!!!

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